Planning a wedding and choosing the right wedding photographer for you can be stressful. The FAQ list below is one that has been compiled over the years to help you make the best decision for you! If you have any additional questions or want to check availability, send me a message here.


How would you describe your style?

I try to capture both posed editorial-style shots as well as more natural candid/photojournalistic photos so that you have a nice mix of both. If you prefer more of one or the other, let me know! I like to cater to exactly what you are looking for. I would say that my photo style is very classic and timeless. I like to keep my colors true to life, not overexposed or dark and moody.

Would you recommend a 2nd photographer?

Yes! A 2nd photographer is great for capturing different angles and point-of-views throughout the day. Having a 2nd photographer also means you will get more photos too! And they can help set up any shots as needed to help things run more efficiently/smoothly. Even with a smaller wedding, I recommend it so you can have the best customer service possible. I am also happy to shoot your wedding solo if that is more your style.

How soon will we receive our images?

Images are delivered 2-3 weeks after your wedding date! Depending on your wedding date, I can give you a more specific answer, some times of the year are busier than others. But 3 weeks maximum. I like to get started on your photos right after your day so they are fresh in my mind, and I am just as excited to get them to you as you are to receive them.

How do we book you?

First, reach out! Fill out the contact form here, or send an email directly to, or you can even give me a call/text at 805-586-2980. Next step would be to discuss which package you are interested in and to go over the details of your day, either over the phone or in person! After that, there is contract to be signed, and a 25% deposit. Then your date is reserved!

Are you insured?

Yes I am! If your venue requires proof of insurance, I will happily send it directly on over to them.

Can I customize a package?

Of course! I am happy to accommodate. Need several days of coverage? Done. Want to mix and match? Definitely. Send a message here and we can discuss exactly what you are looking for and create the right package for you based on your budget and needs.

Should I make a shot list?

Yes and no. If there is anything in particular you want that is unique to your wedding, let me know! Any special moments, specific poses, surprises throughout the day, etc. It is also helpful if you make a list of family members for photos so we don’t miss anybody! Other than that, we have been photographing weddings for years and a list more specific than that can be distracting instead of helpful. We don’t want to miss any candid moments by looking down at a list!

What exactly do I get?

Each collection comes with approximately 75-100 images per hour. For example, you can expect 600-800 color corrected photos from an 8 hour day. All images are hand edited to look their best (no presets or batch edits here). Images are delivered via a downloadable online gallery that you can share with friends and family. You are welcome to print and reproduce photos all you want.

Why should we hire you ?

If you are looking for photos that won’t look dated in just a few short years, this is the right place for you. I specialize in capturing true-to-life colors with added vibrance that are trend-proof. I hold myself and my team to high standards and consistency. You can expect to receive a wedding gallery with hundreds of images that look exactly like what you see on our site, and if you want to see more, just ask!

What do you mean by trend-proof?

Trends come and go. My style isn’t over exposed and desaturated with muted colors and blown out skies. Nor is it dark, moody, and dramatic with muddy colors and dark shadows. I want your wedding day to look how it looked with accurate colors and blue skies. Some things that never go out of style that you can always expect from my team and I – composition, attention to detail, and memories captured.